Deer Hill Preserve


The start of something new. Passion, character, innovation — common qualities of the tight-knit community at Deer Hill Preserve. We’re a neighborhood focused and inspired by the open and free natural lands that surround our homes. A safe place where children can roam — creating memories in the mystery of their own backyards; a place where all generations can come together and continue their journey surrounded by conserved woodlands, wetlands, and acres of preserved natural resources.

This community starts with you. You will help create and establish the sense of belonging and stewardship to this small—yet vastly open—neighborhood. You and your family will help set the path and pave the road for our future generation to thrive and make the world a better place; one home at a time.




90 acres of protected conservation land, including a rare Tamarack Bog and remnant Maple-Basswood Woodlands. Extensive walking trails and paths will connect homesites to the natural world.



Native woodlands and prairie grasslands have been restored to a natural state. They will be preserved and maintained as a protected conservation area.


The land is a place where wildlife live, just as they always have.  A snapshot of the thriving ecology that make up the flora and fauna of natural Minnesota.


Each home is situated with long views of native woodlands or prairie grasslands. Private views from the windows of each property bring the beauty of the natural world into the home.

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We’re a community
like no other.

We’re a place where children can be curious and adventurous. A place where late-night chatter beside the bonfire unites neighbors over a glass (or two) of wine. A place where stories and memories can be shared, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.




— LAND —

A centrally-located 2-acre park, easily accessible from all home sites, forms the nexus of community gathering space. A mile of trails connect you to Baker Park Reserve, which features 2,700 acres of natural beauty. The paths are connected to a larger system, comprised of miles of recreational walking, biking, and horse trails.


Your backyard is just a short walk or bike ride away from the Orono School District (K-12), ranked as the 2nd best high school in Minnesota by U.S. News & World Report.


Located minutes from Downtown Wayzata and in close proximity to some of Minnesota’s most famous lakes, the surrounding area is renowned for its restaurants, shops, outdoor resources and country clubs.

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What happens in the home is a big part of life — the small moments and tiny details that add up to form the fabric of your days, months, and years. Home is a place where peace and tranquility live in tandem with the excitement and delight of your busy life. We’ve partnered with four of Minnesota’s top builders to bring high-quality design to your home, while providing function and utility. Every detail is noticed — from the moment you pull into the driveway, to the nuanced smart-home technology that keeps your family safe, energy-efficient, and connected.


Established on a natural preserve, the homes in this community are strategically placed to allow for the most stunning and private views of your own woodlands and prairies. From your windows, watch as sandhill cranes and other wildlife become your neighbors. Local Minnesota flora dots the surrounding landscape, balancing and complementing the outside world with the unique craftsmanship and intentional design of each home.

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Here, amid the spectacular natural beauty of restored and preserved land, your future home will be filled with laughter, joy, and a legacy of conservation for years to come.

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